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In December of 2012, The Dance Initiative produced its very first Holiday Performance at the historic Bama Theatre entitled "Where Are You Christmas".  The show was an enormous success with over 60 cast members and incorporated a variety of ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and much more to our most memorable Christmas classics!    The second production grew to an impressive 75 member cast and was an exciting additon to the Central High School Theater.  We are looking forward to next years production.  We are so grateful to Michael J Moore Photography for his beautful photographs of our performances.

Where Are You Christmas? 2012 and 2013

Since its formation THE DANCE INITIATIVE has produced three holiday performances featuring over 75 dancers from the community in each show in 2012, 2013 and 2015. In July of 2014, THE DANCE INITIATIVE sponsored a community wide event on National Dance Day, inviting young and old to participate in dance instruction of all kinds, face painting, free food and drinks, prize give- aways and performances from The Crimson Cabaret, The Stillman Dance Team, The Crimsonettes, local Junior High and High School  Dance teams as well as the local Dance Companies from The Dance Centre,  Academy of Ballet and Jazz and MJ’s. To wind up the year, our volunteers sponsored A CHANCE TO DANCE  Christmas Jam at the YMCA afterschool program where the children learned some smooth dance moves and performed at the end of the day for their parents. 2015 proved to be our most ambitious year yet with the brand new holiday production based on the ever popular “FROZEN”.