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THE DANCE INITIATIVE is more of a “movement” than an “organization”. The purpose of THE DANCE INITIATIVE is to provide educational and performance opportunities in a variety of dance styles for young training dancers in Tuscaloosa County as well as support the initiative’s outreach program CHANCE TO DANCE which provides opportunities for quality dance instruction for young dancers who may not have the resources to participate in more formal instruction. The ultimate goal for CHANCE TO DANCE is to identify young dancers in the community who would benefit from scholarships that would enable them to pursue more formal dance training. THE DANCE INITIATIVE believes that Tuscaloosa has untapped cultural potential and exposure to the art of dance in all its forms is a movement that will greatly enrich our community.



President - Debbi West   Vice President - Jennifer Hamner

Secretary - Brooke Hamiter   Treasurer - Rebecca Lancaster


ARTISTIC DIRECTORS:  Rebecca Tingle and Melissa Verzino



 Angela Alldredge, Jennifer Chase, Robin Cole, Leslie Drucker, Suzie Duncan, Shelly Ellis, Dina Evans, Laura Farmer, Suzie Link, Rhonda Marshall, Jennifer Moore, Melissa Wimberly